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Raspberry Pi Shobox Project

Shobox your business today!

  • Boutique Wine Sales

    Promote your business on the RPi Shobox

  • Independent Travel Sales

    Promote your business here

  • Eat Here!

    RPi Shobox Eatery Promotions

  • Realtor of the Year

  • Insurance & Financial Sales

    Reach the masses

  • Hair Salons

    Shobox your styles today!

  • Calling All Car Sales

    Become Salesperson of the Year

  • Styles Galore

    For all events, we're here for you.

  • Dance Fever

    Night Club Entertainment

  • Band

    Joyful Singing

  • High Resolution Shobox

    2048x2048 JPEG & PNG Images of your business.

    Your business will sparkle!
  • Showcase your bakery pies

    Your pies will appear Raspberry-Clear

  • Living Raw Chocolate

    Delicious Nutritious Wholefoods

    Organic * Chewy * Original Goji * Chocolate Brownie

    Learn More
  • Cascadia Rising

    Sponsorship Opportunity

  • CGP

    Community Grocery Project

    Extreme Shopper
We are inviting brick-n-mortar businesses to join us in launching the Raspberry Pi Shobox project.  In joining our project, you'll gain tremendous exposure for your business by becoming a business node within a Raspberry Pi Shobox network.  Your business benefits from this because your advertisement or message is replicated across the whole RPi network over a whole city, county and, potentially, state.  The initial costs associated with the RPi are very low.  The Shobox Business Service is very cost-effective and flexible. The service is designed to work well with small business  budgets and comes with built-in incentives. 

RPi Shobox Business Service Interest Form

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