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Is the RPi for me?

Raspberry Pi






Raspberry Pi Shobox Uses

  • RPi for the Hearing Impaired

    Now you can view and read at home on your HD TV

  • RPi for the Mobility Impaired

    Work from home on your HD TV

  • RPi for the Elderly

    Reminisce by watching family photos on your HD TV

  • Older Adult Education

    Learn by watching HD videos then doing

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  • Band Promotion

  • Hair Salon Promotions

  • Singing Promotions

  • Fine Dining Promotions

  • Travel Promotions


The RPi is excellent for use as a photo display gallery of your family and travel photos right on your nice HD TV.  It runs silent and needs to be connected only once for continuous play.  


The RPi can be used to create sales & marketing flyers, as a sales presentation platform using HD TV, HD Monitor, or HD Projector for display, and as a sales storage device of product images & videos.  Turn your presentation into a movie and display it across the Shobox network.

Brick-n-Mortar Businesses

Promote your business across the Raspberry Pi Shobox network for maximum visits.  Offer specials to the public quickly and easily.  Notify the public of promotions, sales, or closings.  Expand your business reach with the Shobox today!

Image/Video Looper

The RPi can be configured to operate as a video/image looper in museums, senior centers, churches, schools, zoos, and any other place where there is ample foot traffic.
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