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Community Grocery Project

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Extreme Shopper List

 Save on your Groceries Today!

Learn how to save on your groceries today by becoming a smart shopper.  By taking a proactive stance on your grocery shopping chores using multiple single-use single-item coupons, and learning to plan your grocery trip, you'll  purchase more for less.  Relatively quickly you'll have filled your home pantry with enough regular use items that purchasing them will become less frequent.  Soon your grocery budget savings will grow allowing for treat days or for more donations. Days when you'll treat yourself to something special like fillet mignon or donate extra to food banks. Learn how now. Click the smaller coupon sheet image.
Community Meetup

Community Grocery Project Helpers

Clip Newspaper coupons
Deliver coupons
Clip and save online coupons
Donate Unused Coupons
Purchase a Sunday Newspaper Subscription for Others
Place of Worship
After-hours school room
Business office
Other (can seat at least 10)
Homeless Veterans
Another cause

Community Event Promotions

Garage sale
RPi Flavors
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